Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Honor of Pop-pop

The past few weeks, well actually 8 months, have been difficult as Jeff's dad fought hard against brain cancer... on Feb 11, 2011 he lost that fight.  It was a sad day but we all were glad he would no longer be suffering.  We celebrated his life last week and we would like to honor with just a few of our favorite memories of Josiah's beloved "Pop-pop."

Pop-pop and Josiah's first meeting! Josiah is only a few days old!

Waking up on Josiah's fist Christmas morning.

Snoozing (aka snoring) with Pop-pop.
All the cousins (at the time) together for the first time with Pop-pop and Nana.

Experiencing Josiah's first Royals game. Although rainy and cold... we were there (Josiah is under the blanket... he didn't see much of that game.)

Father's Day 2009: Pop-pop holding Zach, Shane holding Simon, Skip holding Emerald, Jeff holding Josiah and Calvin. What a great group of fathers!

Pop-pop showing off this card lacing skills!  The grandkids were pretty impressed.

Thanksgiving 2010: Josiah and Pop-pop counting blocks with Nana's help.

Couldn't resist the feet picture... Josiah definitely has Pop-pop's feet... as wide as they are long.

Last week we all headed to Pop-pop's favorite breakfast place, Neighborhood's Cafe. Simon and Josiah checking out the cinnamon roll that was as big as the plate!

Thank you for being a great Pop-Pop to Josiah. He will miss the way that you loved them, but he will also remember forever when you would put your finger in you mouth, widen your eyes, and pull out your finger, making a popping noise. It was sure to always bring great laughter from him. 

We love you Pop-pop and are so thankful to have had the privilege to share so many special memories with you.

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