Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art Blizzard of 2011

When it looks like this in the yard...

Don't let the sunshine deceive you it is about 5 degrees.
and this on the patio...
Snow is only a couple inches below the seats of the chairs.
Josiah does this...
He loved creating on blue paper.
...and just keeps going.
Yes - 9 pieces of finished artwork in one day.
Josiah has been spending a lot of time inside the past couple of days with all the snow. I needed to get some work done yesterday so I got out the art supplies and let Josiah have fun. This is his little desk in our office area.  He created all this pieces of art yesterday. First we did stickers... in case you can't tell, each sticker page has a theme... all the basketball stickers on one, all the football on another, etc. I think he may have his mother's need for organization!  Next we moved on to gluing... his first time and he loved it.

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