Sunday, February 22, 2009

11 week old burrito - unwrapped

Here is our 11-week old burrito being unwrapped. Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a blessing

Everyday I grow to love our little boy more and more. Everyday I think I realize what a complete blessing he is. However, earlier this week, I spent an evening with my sister-in-law Steph and my nephew Zach who is still in the hospital. (Warning Steph - this will most likely make you cry.) Zach was suppose to be born any day now, but instead came 2 months earlier and instead of Josiah and Zach being 2 months apart they are a little over 2 weeks apart in age. Zach is doing really well and is just working on keeping his stats up while he eats so he can go home soon.

As I spent some precious time with Zach and Steph, while daddy watched Josiah, I was overwhelmed with the realization of how I have taken some much for granted with Josiah. I had a complication free pregnancy, except for the last day. I had a complication free and short labor and delivery. I had a complication free nursing experience so far. And for the most part a pretty complication free baby and praying that it stays that way. After spending the day working in the office and then the evening at the hospital with Zach and Steph, I came home and just stared into my little boys blue-gray eyes with a new sense of love and realization that he is such a blessing. That I shouldn't take every moment with Josiah for granted. There is so much I could miss out on if I did. In a way, I what to say thanks to Zachary and his mommy for helping me realize this. I always knew this but came to realize it more fully after my evening there.

Well it is 6:30am, yes that's right AM - I am becoming a morning person with Josiah new schedule and I had better get some work done before he wakes up again. Here are few pictures of the "Faces of Josiah." He has begun smiling at us quite often and his daddy and I can MAKE him smile now too! However, we haven't been able to capture the heart melting smile on camera yet... so here are a few of our attempts.

So many changes every day. Every day to be thankful for the blessing God has entrusted to us!