Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Month of Many Firsts

We have had a busy March and Josiah has had a month of many firsts.

He went to his first collegiate sporting event, a softball doubleheader. My cousin Lori plays for Western Illinois University and her team came to Kansas City to play UMKC. This was the first time Josiah had been outside for more than just a few minutes. It was a beautiful day!

He even took a nap admist all the stimulation.

Later that week, the weather continued to be nice so mom took Josiah for his first run. Well actually it was mom who was running, while Josiah rode in the jogging stroller (thanks to some gracious friends who gave us the stroller!) We are hoping to use it more this spring - but not today as a snowstorm is coming in!

Another first for Josiah was March Madness! We have learned the Josiah loves to watch basketball on tv! He was very intent on watching the games. He was even helping mom with her bracket choices.

When all the games started last week, I just propped him up the couch and let him watch the games while I tried to clean house. It was a great babysitter.
The next day, Josiah enjoyed watching some more games, this time from the floor during his tummy time.

Finally, our last first for the month is the doctor said Josiah could start eating rice cereal. Well we started this week and like everything else so far, Josiah doesn't seemed phased by it. Besides learning how to swallow the cereal, he did great. Not really even making a face. Last night, he downed it like a champ!

Getting ready for the first bite. We couldn't wait to use the doggy bib, however it was a little big.

The actual first reaction of the first taste of rice cereal! Not too bad.

Downing it like a champ - well almost!

We know there are many more firsts to come, but it already seems like he is doing so much. Smiling whenever one of us talk to him. Giggling when he gets excited - this is thanks in large part to his 3-year old buddy Tarin who entertains him 2 days a week. We can't wait to see what the next month holds!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boomer Sooners!

Josiah just wanted everyone to know that he's will be cheering on the Sooner's tonight in the Big 12 Tournament.

Last weekend, Josiah got to hang out with dad on Saturday while Mom and Aunt Steph went shopping. He enjoyed watching the basketball games with Daddy. Daddy said that he was happy during the OU game, but when KU came on he started crying - seriously! He is also a Wildcat at heart, but we don't have any KSU gear that fits him yet.

Friday, March 6, 2009

3 months old

We can hardly believe that 3 months have nearly gone by since that snowy Tuesday in December. Our precious little boy is growing... we don't know how much until we go to the Doctor in a couple of weeks... but he is growing. He had finally left behind the newborn sized diapers and clothes and is working his way through the size 0-3 months clothes. And finally, he is fitting into the wonderful cloth diapers! After a little trial and error with the inserts, we are well on our way to many loads of dirty diaper laundry. It really isn't that bad now that we are in the swing of things... and it is certainly helping out the bank account.

Not a lot of new news, Josiah is doing great. Sleeping after his 9:00pm feeding until at least 6:30am sometimes longer. He is pretty scheduled on his eating and will let you know if the time is getting close. We are now working on a nap schedule.

Here Josiah is taking his Sunday afternoon nap...

Here he is sporting his hooded bear jacket - thank you Angela, Tina, and Krista.

The photo at the beginning of the blog and below are a couple of recent pictures that my friend Angela took while we had our big cousin's weekend photo shoot. If you need pictures of your little one, your graduating senior, your wedding, or family, be sure to give her a call. To see more of her work go to

Cousins, cousins, cousins... from left to right Zach (age 2 months), Josiah (age 2.5 months), Simon (age 5 months), Calvin (age 2 years), Emerald (age 4 years). I wonder when the next time we will be able to get a picture of all of them sitting together... might be a few years!