Monday, April 18, 2011

The past few weeks & Happy Easter

The the past few weeks have been a bit crazy. Josiah got sick a couple of weeks ago and we ended up in Urgent Care after what seems to have been an allergic reaction to the medicine.  He is on the mend now, but we had several days of laying low and drinking Elmo juice and snuggling with "ooh ooh" (monkeys.)

We had to get some time in watching the Masters as well. This kids loves to watch golf and even cheers for the players. He yells "get in the hole" when the hit the ball. Pretty funny considering we did not teach him that.

We took a trip to central Kansas.  Josiah did a little yard work with Nana and he really was helping her pull weeds. It was pretty funny to watch him because he was really going at it. Whatever he does, he does it with all he has!

Then we headed south a few miles to cousin Brece's house. They hunted eggs together... Josiah very focused, Brece... well let's just say just got distracted easily! But they were both willing to stop and pose for this picture.

Josiah even got in the spirit and hid some eggs all by himself.

We hope you all have a happy Easter and take time to stop and reflect on why we celebrate.  Jesus, God's only Son came to earth and had to die a horrible death, so that each one of us, if we believe in Him, are able to spend eternity with Him.