Monday, September 6, 2010

About time..

...for a new post. There are plenty of new pictures of our little man! So here a brief over veiw of summer.
Marching for Babies... supporting cousin Zachary and all the other preemies out there.
Enjoying a little mulch one of the first days of Summer.

Hanging out with "Aunt" Mandy. We had a horrible time... as you can see!

Having Zachary over to play and spend the night. Bath time is a lot more fun with someone else to splash!

It couldn't be summer without an iccceee ceeeaam cone!
Grandma, Josiah, cousin Brece, and Grandpa all looking good at mom's cousin Lori's wedding over the July 4 weekend!
Moving into a big boy bed. Mom's back started hurting from lifting me over the edge of the crib. I did really well in the transition. I fell out a few times but am doing much better now.
Hanging out on the boat with cousin Brece on Call family vacation. (Didn't know 2 toddlers could "look" this happy all squished into life jackets!)
Taking in a Naturals baseball game while on Call family vacation in Arkansas.
Mom wanted me to try on jackets for the Fall. I wanted to try on my hat. This is the outfit we ended up with!

Well hope you enjoyed all the pictures and highlights of summer. I am sure there is something I left but this should get close. Here's to hoping Fall weather sticks around!

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