Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The story of the Golf Club

The story of the golf ball...

On Saturday we got my golf club out because I kept trying to hit the golf ball around the yard with a stick.

I loved trying hitting the golf ball and others were pretty impressed with my coordination.

I would throw the ball down then hit it.

 It was a lot of fun until we had to go inside and mommy took my club away. I wanted to keep playing in the house, but mommy wouldn’t let me. Don’t know why?

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Panky's Place said...

You are quite the cute little golfer. Might want to invest in some "wiffle" golf balls so when you really get that swing going, that golf ball doesn't find its way through a window (Nana did that when she was little and found her grandpa's clubs - right through the upper window in the barn).