Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a week!

It's been a busy week for us... Josiah works pretty hard these days watching baby Einstein that is!
On Tuesday, Josiah had his 6 month check-up... guess what? We still have a little peanut on our hands. Here are his 6 month stats: 13 lbs (that is not a typo), 25.5" long, and 17" head circumference. Once again, the doctor is not worried about his weight as he does not look or act abnormal. For example, when she asked if he was smilling, Josiah just flashed his usually heart-melting smile. When she asked if he rolled over, he promptly rolled over on the exam table. She also gave us the go ahead to begin on solid foods!

On Wednesday, Josiah got to meet his Great Aunt Carlotta and Great Uncle Jay who flew in from California! It was a quick meeting but fun meeting!

Then the festivities began. My dear friend Emily (Wilson) now Beydler, got married on Friday. Thursday Josiah tagged along to the nail salon, the church for program assembly, and then to the rehearsal dinner.

On Friday, Josiah and I headed to the church for rehearsal and getting ready for the wedding. Jeff was able to take a half day off at work and came and got Josiah at noon. Good thing, because he didn't sleep a wink the whole morning. Here are few pictures from the day! Josiah looked pretty cute in his little pink shirt and brown tie. He didn't last long at the reception but it was fun for a short while!

This is the bride, Emily (center), and friend Amy (right) as we are all getting ready.

Family photo opprotunity... too bad Josiah was pretty tired - no smiles from him.

We loved showing Josiah off, he got a lot of attention with this styling tie!

Had to include this picture of the maid of honor and my friend Katie Jarmer! She is such a great gal, too bad she is in Mexico for the summer! Miss you Jarmer!

On Saturday, "Aunt" Mandy got to hang out with us for a while. Jeff had to work, but the rest of us got to sleep in and take it easy for the day. Josiah ended up sleeping until 9:30am and then taking 3 2-hour naps throughout the day. We have started supplementing with a little extra formula to make sure Josaih is getting all he needs. He gets so excited when the sees the bottle and can't wait to hold it all by himself! He is such a big boy!

On Sunday, we started with green veggies! Josiah got his first bite of green beans. Our camera was out of battery from the busy weekend so we didn't get a photo, but he really didn't react any differently than he does when he eats his cereal. We will keep you updated on the progress through the green veggies and on to the orange veggies!

Another busy week ahead... I am helping with VBS at church this week and cousin Emerald is coming along too. Should be another exciting week!

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