Sunday, May 31, 2009

The past month... beware a long post!

So its been a while since I have updated our blog. Life has been crazy around our house. Jeff has been working long hours between the golf course and Blue Valley Irrigation. I keep busy between being a mommy, working and helping a dear friend prepare for her wedding day. And here is what Josiah has been busy doing...

Just a little exersaucering... this great invention will entertain him for a long time!

...hanging out with Mr. Giraffe before eating cereal.
...catching some zzzzz's. He has been sleeping so well at night!

....having lunch with his friend Meryl who will be moving away in a few weeks!

...swinging. Daddy built this incredible swing set for Josiah and he absolutely loves it. Josiah takes after his daddy as loves being outside.

...waking up in the morning all smiles! Such a happy boy when you let him wake himself up. More like mommy when you have to wake him up before he's ready - not all smiles!

...wrestling with Uncle Caleb and winning!

...consoling Uncle Caleb when he loses. Who could be upset with this sweet little snuggler (Josiah - not Caleb!)

...learning from the best. Grandpa just had his tractor repainted and couldn't wait to show it to Josiah.

(couldn't help but include a couple pictures of this). We all determined the tractor was "parade-worthy" now.

...sitting up almost all by himself. Josiah is really starting to get better balance and needs less and less support each day!

...getting his first haircut, well, just a trimming. We decided it was time to trim the few really long hairs (see them sticking out from his forehead) as they were creating a weird comb-over.
... and here is the after haircut picture. Daddy did a great job for using a scissors around the squirmy little guy.

Well thats all for now! I assure you more pictures to come after this coming weekend!


Panky's Place said...

Nana just can't wait to squeeze those beautifully chunky little baby cheeks in a couple of weeks. I think Josiah could be a Gerber's baby (he is just so handsome).

Laura and Shane said...

Yeah Josiah. You look so handsome with your new haircut. Babies who sleep well are so sweet for their mommies. Simon doesn't like it when I get him out if his crib before he is ready yet either. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!