Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boomer Sooners!

Josiah just wanted everyone to know that he's will be cheering on the Sooner's tonight in the Big 12 Tournament.

Last weekend, Josiah got to hang out with dad on Saturday while Mom and Aunt Steph went shopping. He enjoyed watching the basketball games with Daddy. Daddy said that he was happy during the OU game, but when KU came on he started crying - seriously! He is also a Wildcat at heart, but we don't have any KSU gear that fits him yet.


Mandy said...

as long as he doesn't sport the red and blue I will stil claim him as family! Sounds like aunt Mandy needs to add some purple to his wardrobe! :) love ya guys

Luke & Tamra said...

We might need to contribute some purple as well! CJ's closet in Hesston only has one color in it so far! Hope Josiah didn't get too upset that OU lost. ;)