Friday, March 6, 2009

3 months old

We can hardly believe that 3 months have nearly gone by since that snowy Tuesday in December. Our precious little boy is growing... we don't know how much until we go to the Doctor in a couple of weeks... but he is growing. He had finally left behind the newborn sized diapers and clothes and is working his way through the size 0-3 months clothes. And finally, he is fitting into the wonderful cloth diapers! After a little trial and error with the inserts, we are well on our way to many loads of dirty diaper laundry. It really isn't that bad now that we are in the swing of things... and it is certainly helping out the bank account.

Not a lot of new news, Josiah is doing great. Sleeping after his 9:00pm feeding until at least 6:30am sometimes longer. He is pretty scheduled on his eating and will let you know if the time is getting close. We are now working on a nap schedule.

Here Josiah is taking his Sunday afternoon nap...

Here he is sporting his hooded bear jacket - thank you Angela, Tina, and Krista.

The photo at the beginning of the blog and below are a couple of recent pictures that my friend Angela took while we had our big cousin's weekend photo shoot. If you need pictures of your little one, your graduating senior, your wedding, or family, be sure to give her a call. To see more of her work go to

Cousins, cousins, cousins... from left to right Zach (age 2 months), Josiah (age 2.5 months), Simon (age 5 months), Calvin (age 2 years), Emerald (age 4 years). I wonder when the next time we will be able to get a picture of all of them sitting together... might be a few years!


Joplin Artistic Expressions said...

hey thanks for the plug! Love the jacket. i wish you were closer.

Laura and Shane said...

Oh, it just keeps getting more and more fun from here...and easier every day!