Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't Turn Your Back

The past couple of weeks Josiah has really be starting to become more mobile. Here's what happens when I turn my back...
He started out in the middle of the blanket that is on the left side of the photo.

He was pretty content to swiffer up the dog hair under the couch for me!

Josiah and I also got to attend cousin Emerald's little dance performance at the end of her Disney Princess Dance Camp. Steph wasn't able to to make it so we got to go. She did a great job and is turning into quite the little sassy princess!

We also go to celebrate Jeff's first Father's day with my brother Luke. Luke is holding his precious little daughter Brece Anne (9 days old in this photo). She has some incredibly awesome hair - next generation of Call girls has begun! Now, Josiah has cousins on both side of the family... including 3 within 6 months of his age!

Josiah took his first dip in the pool this last week. We found a little plastic frog pool on craigslist that is just big enough for Josiah and mommy to sit in. He had a great time... mostly playing with the red plastic cup - his favorite bathtime toy as well.

One last photo to show you what happens when you turn your back on this little guy... I have a feeling crawling may be in our near future! Once again, he started in the middle of the blanket in the upper left of the photo.

Happy July 4th! Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday!

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Panky's Place said...

Oh-oh! You'll soon need to grow eyes in the back of your head.