Saturday, December 20, 2008

A week of many firsts

It was a week of many firsts for our precious little Josiah. On Monday, we ventured out in the cold weather to surprise Uncle Caleb as he arrived back in the states after living in Indonesia for the past two years. Uncle Caleb was pretty excited and proud of his first nephew! We had a great dinner at Famous Dave's. Josiah did great until we were done eating, and then he decided it was his turn!

Our first bath:

We gave Josiah his first bath on Sunday night. It was quite the process and Josiah screamed during most of it. The best part as combing his hair - he has a natural mohawk.

On Wednesday, we are our first outing, just Mom and Josiah. We had a doctor's appointment - Josiah is doing well was almost back up to his birth weight. After the doctor's we went to mom's office to show off. Every one thought he was great! Mom was even able to run by the store. A very successful outing for our first one. We made it home just in time to eat again!

On Friday, we went to our first Christmas Party. Josiah was dressed in a cute little Christmas outfit, but managed to pee all over it right before we left (the first of many last minute wardrobe changes). We had a good time seeing friends and introducing our new little fellow. He was great - just sleeping through it all!

Tomorrow, we are hoping to make it to church for our first time as a family of 3. They weather is suppose to be bitterly cold so we will see how the night goes and what the temps are like in the morning.

More pictures to come tomorrow of proud grandparents and great-grandparents.


Mandy said...

Josiah and aunt Mandy need to have a little photo shoot when we get to hang out!

Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY - lots of pics! :) So glad he's doing so good! :)

Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, & Calvin said...

I love the bath-time screaming pics. Caleb looks like a pretty proud uncle! I am hoping for sleep for you guys tonight. Can't wait to chat and see how the weekend went. Emerald asked today when we would get to next see Josiah, "mommy, I miss him." Pretty sweet. She was also pretty proud telling Nana and Pop Pop all about her cousin.

Laura and Shane said...

so exciting...i remember being terrified at the first bath, and yes lots of screaming. Soon he will love bath time. It sounds like you are doing well and we can't wait to see more pictures. I am sure the first Christmas will be awsome too!