Sunday, November 30, 2008

Showered by family and friends

Last weekend we were showered by family and friends. My sister-in-law, Steph, hosted the shower at their house. We had a Radio Flyer (red and black) theme! It was awesome. Also, my niece and nephew helped Nana make some yummy dirt "wormy" cake!

Our niece Emerald is really excited to meet our little guy! I think this is a precious picture - even though it was somewhat posed.

Grandma Call, Me, and Nana Pankewich! For Grandma, our little guy will be the first grandchild with a second one to come in about six months. For Nana, he will be the fourth grandchild with the third one added just 3 months ago, and a fifth being added in a couple months! We are excited to see our little guy grow up with cousins on both sides of the family so close to him in age.

The post would not be complete with out a picture of the "Callgirls!" We missed Tamra the fifth Callgirl and can't wait for her to move back! Soon all the callgirls will be back in Kansas.

We had such a great day celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Steph and I, or of my good friends from college that came. They are all on someone else's camera. We felt very blessed by the generousity of so many people that care about us.

Update on the pregnancy: We will be at 37 weeks on Tuesday - hard to believe. We are packing the hospital bag so it is ready. I did all of his laundry this weekend and trying to put it all away. We have our cloth diapers ordered and they should be here in a few days. So I think we are ready. Overall, I am starting to wear down - getting more tired and sore each day. I am pretty proud of myself, I have actually taken it easy the past few days. Taking naps and not getting everything done that is on my list - which is an accomplishment in itself for me. We were able to travel to my parents for Thanksgiving - a brief but good trip.

Jeff is currently "nesting" by redoing our bathtub/shower surround. It needed to be done soon - it was pretty bad. As with any other home improvement project it never goes quite as planned. We currently have some very beautiful cement backer board up. Hopefully in a few days some nice new tile. In the meantime we are taking sponge baths and traveling to Skip and Stephs for showers.

That is all for now. We will try to post a little more regularly... and soon we will have tons of pictures of our new little one to post. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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