Tuesday, October 7, 2008

29 Weeks...

Wow it is hard to believe we are starting our 29th week today. Jeff and I are getting excited, as well as overwhelmed at times when we think about all that we would like to get done before our little guy comes into the world. Not much new news on the baby front. I passed by diabetes test which is great and am starting my every other week appointments now. I am still feeling really good except that I get winded a little bit easier and have to go to the bathroom about every hour or so.

On the home front, we have the former storage room / new office painted. We are cleaning the carpets and hoping to get the office stuff moved this weekend. Then we can begin to set up the nursery! I can't wait!

On the family front, this past weekend we had a great time at my parents house spending time with grandpa, parents, two of my brothers and their wives. It was a good relaxing weekend for Jeff and I.

Not much else to blog on today. Sorry no pictures. I need to have Jeff take another one of my ever expanding belly!

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