Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Over Halfway... 21 weeks and growing

We had another doctor's appointment today. We are at 21 weeks, which is over halfway - hard to believe! Everyone is still healthy and my belly size and weight are right on track. Besides fighting a cold and sinus infection the past week, I have been feeling pretty well over all. Below are a couple of pictures of my expanding belly. I have been very fortunate in that a close friend of my sister-in-law Steph wears the same size clothes as me and has graciously let me borrow her maternity clothes. It is nice to have a whole new wardrobe of clothes that fit and you didn't have to buy all of it. We are verry thankful.

In other news, we are excited for Jeff's sister and bother-in-law, Laura and Shane to welcome their first little boy in a few weeks! By Christmas time, we will have doubled the grandchildren on the Pankewich side - that is if our little guy decides to come before Christmas. By the end of February, we will be adding yet another grandbaby to the Pankewich side. We recently recived the exciting news that Jeff's bother and sister-in-law, Skip and Steph, who have our little neice and nephew are also expecting. They are due in February! How exciting!

Reflection: Just a little reflection on how life has changed already. As my body continues to change in ways that I have absolutely no control over, I am reminded about how often I selfishly try to control my life. I am learning how I must continuly lean on Jesus Christ for my strength and trust him completely to control my life. It is not mine to control in the first place, yet I sure try to. I am also find myself noticing things I never did before and caring less about things I used to think were so important and really weren't. I am sure there are many changes ahead and many things that I will not be able to control. But the one thing I do know is that if I put my trust in Christ, he will take care of it all and all my anxiety can rest on him.


Em said...

Wow!! Congratulations Jeff and Heidi! I've heard 'through the grapevine' that you're expecting...and it's a boy! We're also expecting a boy in September! I happened to notice on your sonogram pic that you're going to College Park Family Care...so are we! Who is your doctor? Ours is Dr. Kahler. I've actually seen him since I was two! Feel free to check out our blog; I just started it last week, so it's not too exciting! Congrats again!


Mandy said...

I want to see you!! We need to figure out when we can hang out... want to meet in the middle sometime?

Laura and Shane said...

Good to see your belly is growing, hope you are feeling well. I can't believe how big the family will be in a few short months and can't wait to see all the new grandbabies together. I'm so close to delivering now that the excitement is almost too much to handle, but I'll try. Keep up the excitement there in Kansas with Steph!

carmen said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'd love to talk diapers sometime. I know people that use all different kinds. My suggestion would be to find a company that offers free returns and order a bunch of different options to check out in person before baby comes. Then you may even want to narrow it down to two or three and buy just a handful of each to use in the first couple months to see which ones you really like. It is a significant investment afterall, so you gotta like what you end up with. :) I use cotton prefolds with covers and love them. Okay, I'm writing too much...let's just set up a time to chat sometime. :)