Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little boy on the way!

We had our first sonogram today and our little baby cooperated very well and the first shot we (mainly the technician) were able to tell we have a little boy on the way. I had a feeling it was a boy. We are both excited and it was really special to see our little boy's arms and legs. He is healthy and just a little bit bigger than he should be for his age - nothing to worry about though.

Covering his eyes!

He put his hand down... but we never got a good look at his face.


Mandy said...

Precious! I am so excited for you! YAY!!! Love you lots!

Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, & Calvin said...

First baby pics of our nephew--oh sweet baby boy I can't wait to hold you, love on you, and sing sweet lullabies in your ear. You are more loved than you will ever understand!

Laura & Shane said...

That is so exciting, now miss Emerald will have a herd of boys to tell what to do! Can't wait for our baby boys to meet each other after the new year.